About us

When The Sauce Company was founded in May 2020 the guiding principles where to be innovative with the sauces in a way that was less common. We wanted to showcase the flavors not the heat, of the pepper. This required a great deal of culinary trial and error. Most taco style sauces we’ve encountered over the years will not showcase the flavor of a pepper but rather the scoville scale. Our mission was clear, not to do that but rather create sauces we felt were a fit for all types of foods and for most palates. 

About our Sauce.

Our sauces are created with two things in mind, quality of ingredients and flavor. Our Sauces are made with organic ingredients (we are not USD Certified) , WE NEVER USE CORN SYRUP! Our focus was on making a balanced sauce that did not showcase any one ingredient over the other, but rather showcase the marriage of the carefully chosen ingredients working together. We never use GMO products, never MSG, and never any gum thickening agents. We never use artificially preservatives. Our sauces all processed in a low and slow manner to not only maintain maximum flavor but maximum nutritional availability for the ingredients the way the earth intended them. 

What they Say...

Dannon said -

" I Just received my sample of this delicious sauce. Anyone that loves great flavor with a slight kick will love the fantastic blended sauce. I’ve been making my own sauces for a long time. I make one almost identical, but the Everything Sauce is just as good as mine. If you don’t create your own you better stock up, you can’t go wrong."

Our Taco and Everything sauce and where to get them.

All of our sauces are slow cooked for hours to bring out the natural flavors of the ingredients. Pick up a bottle from stores we are sold in (see retail store page) or purchase right off our site. The bottles are travel friendly, food lab testing certified, and created in a licensed kitchen. The bottles come with safety seals and are guaranteed fresh to your door and or right off the grocery store shelf. We offer a 100% money back guarantee. Contact us using the Contact Us page and form for instructions and to resolve concerns. We thank you for your business.