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What does my sauce mean to me? Family gatherings and of course super yummy. I always say God made the meat we make the sauce. Our sauce is mild, savory with notes of garlic & paprika. Toss in a sidekick of cayenne, and KABLAM, the gathering & the food will never be the same. We feel the key to any great meal is the sauce! We have the sauce.



To The Sauce Company...This is the culmination of 20 years of my life of cooking. From cooking in the kitchen with Mom & Grilling in the yard with Dad to pursuing a life in the culinary arts.

There's nothing that takes me back to being a care-free kid more then BBQ, Fishin' with my Dad and eating the catch of they day. As I got older I started to ask the question, what really takes the dish from tasting ordinary to extraordinary. Then it hit me. It's all in the sauce. Think about it. Meat is meat but the sauce is what makes it special. We've solved that! From our kitchen to yours. Give us a shot at taking your family food to another level.


3 degree Kits

This kit comes in either 4oz or 8oz bottles. Kit includes a bottle of each flavor (original, Jalapeno, and Habanero). This is great for those family get togethers.      

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